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Christian Witnessing Our Work or Comments
    Called to Share
May 27 at 1:17pm

    Fighton C.
    What a privilege having you as a friend
May 28. 2017

    Every pastor receive his work from the Lord.
    And these works are different from pastor to pastor.
    But the end results are same;
    To coming on one point, the way to the heavenly paradise.
    Be fruitful and be faithful so that you can live with the Lord Jesus and He with you.

    Bishop Oyedoyin Oyedoyin
    Apostle Tim Hopkins
    Bible Baptist Iligan
    To The EAGLE of Freedom
    God bless you

    Elizabeth S. Hallelujah & Praise the Lord, I thank Him for showing me the way - Amen

    Praise you Jesus! Greetings from Bishop A.Y.J. Suthanthira Raj of Chosen Vessels Ministry in Chennai -
    India. Praying for your family & Ministry.
May 29 1:02AM
    Paster I am Sandip iam from India i and iam suffering big health problems so I am tens pls prey for me
    and my family


    Paster pls prey for me and my family I am suffering tention  from  my physical condition I have not
    filling very well I have ulcerative problem pls prey for me and my family its my humbule request


    I am requesting to allow us in Africa Uganda to associate or affiliate with your Ministry and hope to hear from
    you with a positive response soon

    Pastor David Kisaame

May 30 at 12:54pm
    please pray for our vision in morocco and in south of moricco the people need jesus pray for us

    JC Adil Adsa
June 1 at 10:18am

    Wonderful, Amazing and powerful movement of the divine work of God. God bless you.

    Xaviour sebastian Chikwatu
June 1st 4:40PM

    I want you to pray for me, pastor, thanks

    Susan from Texas
June 2

    Can you save my soul for me

    Thanks for accept my friend request pastor..what religion u are pastor me I'm UMC...
    But longtime I'm not attend mass already.. I'm a sinner.when my husband always slap me I don't
    already go to.church
    My mine is already close...can you help me pastor to go back to god..
    I have many things I do  not good a affair to some boy...already I don't know how I can stand again to be
    good...I'm too much badgirl now

    I can't control my self

June 3 2017

    Very good teaching following our lord

    Pastor I need your help

    Send by Agnes at 1:17am
Prayer Request

name = MaryAnna
email = Hunt
comments = I had surgery on my right hand. Asking for healing and restoration.

August 2017

name = Proshanto
email =
phone =
comments = Hello Brother /Sister I'm Pros Sarkar from Bangladesh. I'm a Christian and I have a ministry
but not Supposed /support! It's my Selfsupported. I want to yours prayer and help God Give Us a way for
leading God's work.