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Staff Only Links
Password protected sites for staff-only access

Staff-Only Email Access & More

Remote access for EMMI employees.
All links are for our staff only, you need an email @ericmichelministries.org or @eric-michel.org and a password, each site
have it's own password please keep them on a list name it credentials

Who can have access?

  1. All Executive Directors emails are @ericmichelministries.org
  2. All Board Members emails are @ericmichelministries.org
  3. All Clergies emails are @ericmichelministries.org
  4. All Group Leaders, Teachers and  Ministries Leaders  @ericmichelministries.org
  5. All administrative Support emails are @eric-michel.org
  6. All business Partners who need access emails are @eric-michel.org
All churches members are not staff they do not have access
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