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What is the planting of churches?

  1. The planting of churches is the establishment of an organized group of believers in a new location.
  2. The process of planting the churches includes evangelization, the teaching of new believers, the training of church        
    leaders and the organization of the Church according to the New Testament model.
  3. This process usually involves writing a list or code of church faith, locating a meeting, buying land and building                        
    a new building.
  4. The planting of churches is the focus of the broader "anchorage" framework.
  5. The church makers are missionaries who concentrate their efforts on preaching and teaching the word of God.
  6. Other messengers who specialize in other skills may not be officially considered "church growers" but provide              
    valuable service to those who are.
  7. These are the radio announcers, the pilots, the owners of the printing presses, the Bible translators, and members                
    of the medical professions.
  8. The ultimate goal of most church growers is to glorify God in society by establishing a body of believers independent          
    and capable of self-interest.
  9. Once this goal is reached and the church can stand on its feet, the church grower usually moves to a different society        
    and the process begins again.

The emphasis on planting churches is written. Paul the Apostle was traveling in an area that always tried to spend enough time in
every city to establish a body of believers and train their leaders (Acts 14: 21-23).

He then tries to visit these churches again to prove them and encourage them in faith (Acts 15:41; Thessalonians 1: 3). Then these
churches send messengers, and so the work of planting the churches continues (1 Thessalonians 1: