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The terms associated is used to describe a church partnership where EMMI doesn't have any vote of the associate church administrative board. The associate church have a vote in EMMI
administrative board as one church = one vote.

An associate Church is an alliance between two or more churches to reach a common goal (or goals), or share a common interest and use the same resource to achieve it. We maintain
a standard and protect the interests of our members. In other words, it is an alliance referring to an agreement between two or more Churches, made in order to merge efforts,  advance
common goals and secure common interests.

But an associate can be a member (also) of an EMMI FOUNDATION who is financed by a donation or legacy to aid research, education the arts etc., and provides funds for charities. In that case
the Church associate member have equal power on the administrative board and REM (or delegate) have no veto right.

Lead Pastor this is what you need to do:

documents to provide for The Associate Partnership

  1. Letter requesting Partnership can be email by the leader (Pastor)
  2. church name, address, phone number etc.
  3. Amount of members
  4. List of members of the board of elders and function
  5. Letter of incorporation (church’s corporate documents)

Send all information to  

Receiving Affiliate and Associate Members

The partnership is for those who have been baptized and made confession of faith in Jesus Christ and wish to unite fully with this organisation.

Partnership in congregations of Eric Michel Ministries International comes with different labels.

Affiliate members are professing members of another Church who may be wish to connect with the life, ministry, and watch-care of a fellowship.  as a person they have been baptized by water
in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in another Christian denomination.

Affiliate or associate members. In Baptismal Covenant include in your formulation

"I present Name(s) who come to this fellowship as associate partner from ____ Church."
"I present Name(s) who come to this fellowship as affiliate partner from ____ Church."

People who are seeking to become partner must affirmed the faith of Eric Michel Ministries International.

We suggest that all people who are being received as affiliate members, or associate members participate as follow:

"As baptized Christians from ____ (Church) and partner of Eric Michel Ministries International"

The decision to join our organisation is a very important one. We respect the importance of that decision and want to be helpful, but not coercive. We would be delighted to welcome you into our
partnership as a member. We trust that God's Spirit will guide you to relate in whatever way is right for you at this time.

  1. Be an ordained minister;
  2. Agree to maintain high ethical and moral  values in all their ministries, personally and professionally;
  3. Agree to respect each person's difference in doctrine, style and personality as they follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit;
  4. Agree to only speak in edifying ways in   regards to other ministers, ministries, and     the Body of Christ at large;
  5. Agree to treat all with whom they come into contact as they would like to be treated.
  6. One God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him;
  7. One Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him;
  8. The Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide;
  9. The Bible as the supreme written authority in matters of faith and practice;
  10. Liberty of Conscience in matters of interpretation and worship.
  11. The Six Principles of Hebrews 6:1-2 (Repentance, Faith, Baptisms, Laying on of hands, Resurrection, and Judgment) as foundational concepts;

Although other differences of beliefs, doctrine, interpretation, and opinion may be held and expressed by various members, these are to be  held and expressed in love and fellowship with those who
may differ.

Since members of the the EMMI are located in various locations throughout the world, members  are subscribed to the Facebook Group Eric Michel Ministries Worldwide Gospel  

Using the EMMI Facebook Group is virtually, in    most instances, the only way Pastor Membership   can be effective in fellowship, sharing and      helping each other.

(Credit for text: True Grace Ministries
(Rev. Dr. Ken Allen