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These sites are made to be for team work informations are share at different levels,

  1. church/location
  2. co-workers and
  3. management

You should only register a mobile device or computer if it is your own, or if you are the only person who uses it,    
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You should use EMMI assets and funds for legitimate and authorized business purposes. We do understand the     
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the guidelines in the next section. EMMI property should never be used for personal gain, and you should not        
allow EMMI property to be used for illegal activities. If you become aware of theft, misuse or waste of our assets       
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Misappropriation of EMMI assets is a breach of your duty to EMMI and may be an act of fraud against EMMI.    
Taking company property from our facilities without permission is regarded as theft and could result in the
termination of your employment. In addition, carelessness or waste of EMMI assets mayalso be a breach of            
your duty to EMMI and could result in dismissal. All EMMI Assets are to be delivered to EMMI promptly when       
your employment ceases, or at any other time that EMMI requests.

Legal note:
All rights reserved. All information on the Web pages is the property of Eric Michel Ministries International
and our business partners. At the time of appearance it represents the latest information. Any liability or
guarantee of the actuality, correctness, and completeness of the information and data provided are excluded.
This applies equally well to all other Web sites pointed to by hyperlinks. EMMI is not responsible for the content        
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Under no circumstances is the information on the Web pages a legal assurance. EMMI reserves the right to
make changes, deletions, or extensions as needed of the information or data provided. Subject to technical  
changes, errors, and color variations. The topic areas described cannot be used to derive any legal claims. Offers
are free and unbinding in all parts.

EMMI assumes no liability for indirect damages resulting from the use of the information or data found on our
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The contents of the Web site is subject to the intellectual property rights. The contents may not be copied,
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EMMI HQ staff.

All information or data, its use, and all action, tolerance, or forbearance having to do with EMMI is exclusively
subject to Canadian laws and parts might be under United States of America law, mainly our business partners
sites and Eric Michel Ministries of America.

Management staff must ensure that employees only complete tasks for which they have been properly trained
and have the required competence.

You are responsible for all work delegated to employees and must directly and adequately supervise them. The
supervision depend on the type of matter, regardless of how standardized or repetitive the task, and the
experience of the employee, both generally and with the matter in question. Extra care may be needed if there is
something different or unusual in the matter.

Eric Michel Ministries International provides free and equitable access to intranet services which meet the
changing needs of church leaders. We promotes universal access to a broad range of human knowledge,
experience, information and ideas in a welcoming and supportive environment that is free from discrimination
and harassment. Everyone has the right to equal treatment with respect to the access and use of the services
without discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic origin, creed
andall other grounds set out in the Human Rights Code.

Discrimination and/or harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances. These rules are intended to
prevent such conduct and to ensure the dignity and safety of the staff and to maintain the security of  members
without disruption to our services.

Any behaviour that does not support a welcoming environment and/or violates the Rules of Conduct may result
in cost-recovery charges, suspension of  privileges, exclusion from the services on the basis of the Canon Law
and prosecution. These Rules have been approved by the Board. An Individual has the right to appeal his or her
exclusion as described in the Rules of Conduct: Exclusion, Reinstatement and Appeals Policy.

We asks for your cooperation in maintaining a welcoming environment conducive and enjoyable use of the
services. Our HQ Staff make every effort to apply these rules in a fair, dignified and positive manner for the
benefit of all.

Furthermore, all sites linked to us or by us have their own policies and terms of use.
Password protected sites for staff-only access

Staff-Only Email Access & More

Remote access for EMMI employees.
All links are for our staff only, you need an email or and a password,
each site have it's own password please keep them on a list name it credentials

Who can have access?

  1. All Executive Directors emails are
  2. All Board Members emails are
  3. All Clergies emails are
  4. All Group Leaders, Teachers and  Ministries Leaders
  5. All administrative Support emails are
  6. All business Partners who need access emails are
All churches members are not staff they do not have access
Staff with Network email accounts can access the following links:

  • Church Mail Access ericmichelministries (Webmail) or
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  • Intranet
  • Church Management
  • Canon Laws & Church By Laws
  • Microsoft Office
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