Thoughts On Love

The greatest power in the universe is love. You could tranform your life and the lives of so many just by showing love.If you have unkind
thoughts about someone,those same unkind thoughts will return to you. What you give out you will recieve. So what are your feelings?

It only takes a minute to change your thoughts ,that can change a  lifetime of misery and strife to yourself and those around you. You can
go from bitterness to love and you alone have the power to change because you and you alone makes the choice of your thoughts and
your feelings.

We all go through difficult times in our lives,it is how we handle them that is important.The old resentment in our lives has to be distroyed to
make room for the greater good that love can bring,and this comes through meditation.We need to always be aware of the guidence from
God as to what changes we should be making for the betterment of our lives.Love life even through those difficult times when we are
feeling unloveable and alone. Believe me God's Spirit is always with us and within us even though there are times when we may not feel
that presence.

We are only given this one life to live so why not live it through love rather then hate and make a better and healther place for ourselves
and those around us.God put His Love within us but not for selfish reasons He intended for it to be shared ,love can not grow if it is
contained ,it must be shared. The more love that you share the more it returns to you and it only takes one small act of love to brighten
someone's day and you will feel so much better too.

Rev. Marie.