How to Become Catholic Universalist or Unitarian Baptist (modified from WikiHow)

Becoming Catholic Universalist or Unitarian Baptist is a lengthy process, but it certainly is a rewarding one. Once you become Catholic
Universalist or Unitarian Baptist, you can step out into the world, and live your life according to the Church's teachings. This will show you
how to become Catholic Universalist or Unitarian Baptist.

  • Sit down with yourself for a serious talk. Becoming a Catholic Universalist will change the rest of your life. It's not like deciding to be a
    hipster or marking "Y" on your driver's license to be an organ donor. This will become a part of you and it's not something you want to
    do half-heartedly. Sure, there are shiny lights at Christmastime, but those can't be the basis for your faith.

  • Are you familiar enough with the teachings of the Catholic Universalist church to be able to say that you know this is something you
    want to be a part of? If the answer is yes, great! Keep on reading. If you're not so sure, seek out a friend or a member of the clergy
    for information. And there's always the Internet!

  • Read the Bible and the EMMI Catechism.
    The EMMI Catechism is basically a set of instructions for members in the form of questions and answers. It may be just the source you
    need to seal the deal!

  • Read Genesis and the Gospels. You'll get a good grasp on the creation story and the story of Jesus. What's more, when you do talk
    to a minister and express your interest, it'll be clear you've done your homework.

  • Know your circumstances. If you have no prior history with the Catholic Universalist church, you'll be going through the process
    outlined in the classes and getting the full head-to-toe spa treatment at next year's Easter Vigil (Baptism, Confirmation, etc.).

  • if you've been baptized but nothing else or have other previous ties to the Church, your process may be a bit different.                       
    If you've been baptized, but your initiation process stops there, you will still need to take classes.

  • Attend our Worship.
    Going to church is not a privilege reserved for those in the elite Catholic Universalist club, so attend! Anyone is welcome and no
    questions will be asked if you do choose to go. You will participate in our Open Communion, you will participate in everything else.
    The church is welcoming of all. Your enjoyment of the sermon may depend on the minister who is celebrating that particular day.

  • Pray.
    Just because you're not a seasoned veteran of the Catholic Universalist church doesn't mean you can't pray. And it definitely doesn't
    mean God can't hear you! Take some time out of your day to pray and see how it feels. If it relaxes you or connects you to a deeper
    level, that's a good sign.

    You're not necessarily looking for answers when you pray. Just a little talk with someone up there to show your appreciation, ask for
    help, or just to relax with and take in the moment. It can be done anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and through thought, words, singing,
    or action

  • Contact the Chaplaincy of your choice.
    Inform them of your desire to convert and you're on your way!
    There are group classes for all people wishing to convert within a period, giving you a social framework for assimilating the
    experience. But before you start, you'll have to go through the process, which basically means talking to a minister, reflection and
    attending Worship regularly. It's not nearly as intimidating as it sounds!

  • Talk to a minister or deacon. He will ask you why you wish to become Catholic Universalist and in general, talk to you to be sure you
    are sincere in your desire and are aware of the conditions of being Catholic Universalist. If you both are ready to move forward, you
    will begin in the classes. During Worship, you will publicly announce your intentions through the Rite of Welcoming. Don't worry
    there's no public speaking involved.

  • Start your Catholic Universalist education classes.
    You will learn the history of the Church, the beliefs and values of the Catholic Universalist Church and the Unitarian Baptist, and the
    proper order of celebration of Worship. You'll be involved in many other ways! You will receive anointing, participate in prayers, and
    become involved with the community at large. Not to mention, your class will become closer and closer and do things on their own time.
The Worship is Baptist style during the month but on the last Sunday of the month we celebrate the Catholic Universalist and Christian Unitarian Worship with
Minister, deacons and altar persons with also readers and signers,
Holly Eucharist