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The Scripture says that we were created for God’s glory and to proclaim his praises.
We at Eric Michel Ministry exist to worship God, it come from the heart, our genuine expression of our real feelings.
We adore God above everything else. Like Paul, we are prepare to do our best to get the message of Jesus out to others.
God is further strengthened when prayers are shared and joined in by others.

You may post your prayer request
here, where it will be available to other visitors as well
answers to prayers you have received.

Please be considerate of others by keeping your postings appropriate for public posting.
Respect the privacy of others. Do not include last names in your prayer requests, or any
other information that would make the person identifiable.

If you prefer, you may
email a private prayer message to the pastor.
Praise God in Worship!
At Eric Michel MInistries, we practise the open communion that allow individuals other than members
of our church to receive the Eucharist, open communion we referred to as the Open Table for all Christians. We commonly limit
the number of sacraments or ordinances to baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We claim to practice “believer baptism” only: baptism
of people upon confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And we usually restrict the Lord’s Supper to baptized Christians.
Also at Eric Michel MInistry Independent Baptist, we have communion every worship.

Who is the host of the Lord’s Supper? God.
God welcomes us the Baptized. God spreads a table before us. God’s hospitality is a hallmark of the meal we call Eucharist.

Jesus welcomed all Baptized to his table. Must we also welcome people with the same openness and acceptance as Jesus did?

After all, it is the Lord’s table, not ours.

The Lord’s Supper is a church ordinance, and can be properly observed only as a church ordinance. And therefore those only
who are Baptized in a Christian can properly partake of it. It is an ordinance given by the Lord Jesus Christ to be observed by his
churches and in his churches. And there is no instruction nor provision for extending the ordinance, or the observance of it to any
other non-Christian. Leaving aside the question of time and method of its establishment and full equipment, the Savior organized
his church and prescribed its characteristics, established its laws, gave its doctrines, outlined its mission

You do not have to be of the Baptist Faith, any Christians of any Christian Churches can participated to our Holy Sacrement.
The New Testament records that baptism always followed conversion, and was not necessary for
salvation (Acts 2:1-41; 8:36-39; 16:30-33).  Since Baptists look to the Bible as our sole authority
for faith and practice, we believe that baptism is only for those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ

The belief in immersion as the proper mode of baptism is based on the Bible for several reasons:
  1. The English word “baptize” comes from a word in the Greek language                                               
    the language in which the New Testament originally was written,that means “to dip, submerge,          
    or immerse.”
  2. Christ’s disciples in New Testament times baptized by immersion (Acts 8:36-39).Immersion is a   
    means not only of declaring that Christ died, was buried and was resurrected to provide salvation   
    but also of testifying about our own hope of resurrection (Romans 6:5).
  3. The New Testament teaches that immersion is a way to symbolize that a believer has died to an      
    old way and is alive to walk a new way in Christ (Romans 6:3-4; Colossians 2:11-12).
We at Eric Michel MInistry Independent Baptist, baptized new convert fellow during normal worship service.

The members of Eric Michel MInistry Independent Baptist, declare that God is worthy of our total dedication by the way
we live daily (Romans 14:8).  

  • We demonstrate our love for God by our service of worship.
  • We believe that there are times for worship in which our total focus is on God and our relationship with God
  • We believe that congregational worship is an essential ingredient of church life (Hebrews 10:25). The New Testament does          
    not provide specific instructions for corporate worship but does contain some examples of how the first Christians worshipped.

Baptist denomination does not prescribe worship patterns for churches, for that matter. Looking to the Bible for guidance,
each congregation freely determines its own pattern.

Worship by Baptist congregations differs among churches, but certain elements are almost always present. Freedom is a hallmark
in each of these

Baptist denomination has no authority to direct how the Bible is to be used. Churches are free to choose the translations
of the Bible to use, what texts to read and what place in the service the Bible is read. Reading the Bible by individuals and by the
congregation responsively are both practiced.

At our worship service the pastor presides and preaches, a song leader directs the singing, and designated members of the
congregation and church staff lead in public prayer, give testimonies and take up the offering. Persons leading in worship are
free to dress in whatever way a congregation feels is appropriate,
No beach clothes are accepted, Come as you are
People feel comfortable coming to worship services dressed casually or dressed up.

Our preacher is free to choose the topic, theme, type and text. The
denomination dictates none of these.

Prayer is basic to all Baptist worship services, both private and public prayer (Mark 11:17; Philippians 4:6).
There are no
denominationally prescribed prayers.

Any member of the congregation may lead in prayer. Often the pastor leads in a “pastoral prayer” that may be written in advance
but is usually spoken spontaneously.

Sermon is a major part of a Baptist worship service (Acts 20:7-9; 2 Timothy 4:2).

Music plays a significant role in Baptist worship services (Psalms 100:2; Ephesians 5:19).

Testimonies are a common feature of Baptist worship services. The subject of the testimony depends on the person giving it
and on the emphasis that the church is making at the time.

offering is usually received in the services (1 Corinthians 16:1-2). We are supported by tithes and gifts that are freely given.

appeal for decisions is part of worship services, such as for the lost to trust in Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, for persons
to become church members by “letter” or by “statement,”  to dedicate his or her life to Christ and for persons to commit to
“full time vocational service.” Normally, people are encouraged to make their decision public, usually by coming forward and
sharing the decision during an “invitation hymn” following the sermon.

We at
Eric Michel MInistry Independent Baptist conduct our worship services on Sunday (Acts 20:7; 1 Corinthians 16:2).
Our services time of day is
10:00 AM.

The Worship Ministry is oversee by the
Rt. Rev. Marie Arnold, member of the Baptist faith since 1958.

  1. Call to Worship
  2. A Hymn of Adoration
  3. Pastoral Prayer
  4. A Hymn or Psalm
  5. Scripture Reading
  6. A Hymn or Psalm before the Preaching
  7. The Preaching of God’s Word
  8. Closing Meditation