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have completed a Diploma in Ministry or an equivalent of 60 credit hours.

The Bachelor degree prepares students either or
ordained ministry in a Christian
church, or for a wider engagement in society.
EMMI Grading System For All Classes

  1. A+ = 96  to  100%   Honour
  2. A- =  81  to   95%    Excellent
  3. B  =  71  to    80%   Superior If you have this mark at 1st try B+  /  if it is your 2nd try you will get B-
  4. C  =  61  to   70%    Average  you will need to redo the exam to receive a B- if  your mark is 71+, if not redo the program
  5. D  =  51  to   60%    Inferior you are require to redo the complete program
  6. E  =    0  to   50 %   Failure this is not your vocation
Bachelor Degree in Christian Counseling
Bachelor Degree in Christian Education
Bachelor Degree in Christian Entrepreneurship
Bachelor Degree in Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Ministry Honours
Bachelor Degree in Prophetic Ministry
Bachelor Degree in Theology:
Bachelor Degree in Apostolic Ministry