We are an interdenominational church who strives to incorporate different practices
    from various Christian denominations.

    An interdenominational church is an autonomous entity and does not ascribe to any
    denominational structure for leadership or accountability.
Our Organisation:
Areas you can be a part of right now!
All organisms are Interdependent with the mutual reliance between them. We have Apostolic beliefs. Come
experience God's glory in one of our organisation.

Interdenominational churches are often confused with interfaith churches, a huge difference exists between
these two kinds of congregations. Interfaith churches are people of different faiths such as the
Jewish faith, the Buddhist faith, the Muslim faith, etc., having different, perhaps even contradictory, doctrines

Christian denominations (such as Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc.) are all part of the same Christian
. We are congregations of people with differing denominational sharing in a common core
of Christian doctrine. .

We call ourself also
non-denominational in the case of our Chaplaincy and our Seminary. We all share a
common cause, we share a commitment to the essentials of historic Christianity. We do differ on doctrines
and rituals.

Eric Michel Ministries International is an interdenominational organisation and  our church family consists
of people from a variety of  Christian denominational backgrounds, Our purpose for being an
interdenominational is to serve as an open door to greater outreach and fellowship for Christ's.
Eric Michel Ministries International will help you become
a fully developing follower of Christ
Our Mission
MK 16:20  "... and they, having gone forth, did preach everywhere, the Lord working with `them', and
confirming the word, through the signs following"

The mission of
Eric Michel Ministries International as a Interdenominational organism is to share
the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world, serving both our local and world-wide community.

Our objective is to
  1. Reach others with the truth of God’s Word;
  2. To care for Christ Body;
  3. To set up youth and elderly outreach programs via our Chaplaincies,
  4. To ordain members into the ministry
  5. To establish Christian churches;
  6. To appoint missionaries to build churches or make partner with existing.

We work to reach lost people for the advancement of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Twenty-four hours a day a prayer warrior is on praying for the needs of others.
If you have a need or prayer request, you can call one of our Church Office at anytime.
If you receive an answering machine, leave a message.
Your call will be received and someone will be praying on your behalf.
Click on the link above and post your request.
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Emmi Unitarian Baptist is committed to a biblical
Christ understanding of the Christian faith as reflected in our belief.

Authentic Christ Community making every moment count
and see lives transformed by Jesus

Loving God, Loving Others, and Loving yourself.
Dear Friend,
We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to Eric Michel Ministries International an
Unitarian Baptist Chaplaincy and Seminary. We would love for you to be a regular part of this Chaplaincy.
o help you get to know us, this website should serve as an orientation to our services with the desire that you
became a member.
You do not have to leave your church to be a member of the Unitarian Baptist
Chaplaincy & Seminary.
The Cosmic Christ is recognized as Lord here
He is the Alpha and Omega of our lives.
We are a group of people who follow Christ and serve Christ.
As a Christian family, we hold in common our love for each other.
The love who knits our hearts together, despite our many differences of family background,
education, business, and social standing,
We are one in Christ.
We are Unitarian by reason and Baptist by conviction, our line can be traced back to the Reformation of the
sixteenth century. We believe in the full inspiration of Scripture and salvation by grace alone, the baptism of
believers. We are catholic with a small "c" meaning the hole, the complete body of Christ among nations.

We are grateful for God's work among us as we integrate His Word into every aspect of life and learning.
Eric Michel Ministries International is a Not-for-profit Christian Organisation specialize in a Chaplaincy
and a Seminary. We have an open mind philosophy and we welcome all Christians from the fundamentalist
to the ultra liberal member.

Is this the kind of Christian of which you want to be a part?   Please pray about this being your home.
We are a religious community that draws inspiration from its Judeo-Christian heritage as well as our personal
experiences, we pledge to support one another in our individual searches for truth and meaning.
Eric Michel Ministries Int'l is a service for people of any Christianity in the community. We encourage
individuals in their spiritual quests,we respect the diversity of religious beliefs, we work cooperatively with
people of all faiths.

We hope that you'll find your spiritual path in our worship and we look forward to extending our hands of
friendship to you.

Jesus said:"Come and see" to those people he called into discipleship. When they asked what he was up to,
Jesus didn't explain all the details of his mission and ministry; but rather invited them to come and experience
it for themselves.

That's what the members of
Eric Michel Ministries Int'l invite you to do. We'd love to have you come and
see what life is like in our community. We are a fairly small Christian Community, a place where we are very
busy making things happen for you!

Rt. Rev. Marie and I are blessed to personally welcome you to our newly designed website. Knowing that
you depend on us as one of your spiritual resources. We remain committed to our promise to provide you
with the widest array of information and services. As always, we will include topics that are most important
to you such as encouragement in times of need, our ministry’s outreach, current events, and more.

We invite you to explore our
websites network. Feel free to share any comments or questions that
might be on your mind through our online guest book. If you're not currently a member of our church
we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to become one.  And of course, feel free to reach out and
call one of our Ministry Leaders.

We hope you and your family will have a warm experience with us as we worship and fellowship together
at our services, events, and ministries. We'd also like to invite you to make an online prayer request.
You're prayer request opens the door, and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door,
at all times, in all situations, to join with you.

Many blessings to you, Enjoy this site!
theology on "Only One God ". From various doctrines, methods or styles where those parts are considers
the best to our knowledge that make sense by reason. God is a single power defined as the One or All,
which is composed of everything it has ever created. This supreme energy force does not rule over the
Universe, he is the Universe. We will greet all christian no mater in which denomination as long that is in
respect of each other.

Eric Michel Ministries International an Unitarian Baptist Chaplaincy & Seminary

Eric Michel Ministries International Canon Laws are semi-episcopal and semi-congregationalist.
EMMI is administrated by an Archbishop and The Board of Elders with Mr. Lyle Arnold as President.
Since 2010, the Archbishop is the
Most Rev. Eric M. Gagnon and the Co-Founder Rt. Rev. Marie Y.
. We endorse and teach the EMMI Catechism.

Presbyterian Polity is a method of church governance typified by the rule of assemblies of elders.
Each local church is governed by a body of elected elders usually called the consistory or church board.
Groups of local churches are governed by a higher assembly of elders known as a synod, along with synods
nationwide often join together in a general assembly, the Symposium. Responsibility for conduct of church
services is reserved to an ordained minister or pastor known as a teaching elder, or a minister of the word and

The Synod authority politely flows both from the top down (as higher assemblies exercise limited but important
authority over individual congregations, e.g., only the synod can ordain ministers, install pastors, and start up,
close, and approve relocating a congregation) and from the bottom up. The
Board of Elders politely  
(Congregation) polity rule over the non-religious part of EMMI.

We are progressive Christians
Progressive Christianity is a form of Christianity which is characterized by a willingness to question tradition,
acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed,
and environmental stewardship of the Earth.

Progressive Christians have a deep belief in the centrality of the instruction to "love one another" (John 15:17)
within the teaching of Jesus Christ. This leads to a focus on promoting values such as compassion, justice,
mercy, tolerance, often through political activism. Though prominent, the movement is by no means the only
significant movement of progressive thought among Christians.

Progressive Christianity draws on the insights of multiple theological streams including evangelicalism,
liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, and liberation theology. Though the terms Progressive Christianity and Liberal
Christianity are often used synonymously, the two movements are distinct, despite sharing many similarities.

The characteristics of Progressive Christianity can be summarized as:
  • A spiritual vitality and expressiveness, including participatory, arts-infused, and lively worship as well as
  • a variety of spiritual rituals and practices such as meditation Intellectual integrity including a willingness           
    to question An affirmation of human diversity
  • An affirmation of the Christian faith with a simultaneous sincere respect for other faiths Strong ecological
    concerns and commitments

We are member of the
Progressive Christian, Christian Universalist Association and the American
Unitarian Conference
Rev. Eric & Rev. Marie
We are free and independent organization with association or contractual agreement
With establish churches in Canada, Australia and USA, to deliver full services to our members

Industry Canada Non-Profit: 895170-5
Revenue Canada Taxation: 803239177RC300
Enterprise Quebec Non-Profit 1170642343

We have chosen not to be affiliated with any denomination or ministry for our Chaplaincy and Seminary,
we have people from all different denominations and non-denominations, the Fellowship is Unitarian-Baptist
and you do not need to leave your church to be a member with us. Know that our statement of faith, mission,
and resources are grounded in the historical, progressive Christian faith. The Bible course at the Seminary
Footstep Of Jesus" is good for any fundamentalist and the Bible Academy is more liberal.

You can be part of our ministries as
Affiliate or Associative Pastor, Church or Chaplaincy
Affiliation or Association with Eric Michel Ministries International is stipulated under our constitution for
a non-profit organisation provides that: An entity may join and become affiliated with
Eric Michel Ministries
l a Christian Chaplaincy, Seminary and Fellowship with pastors, groups, Chaplaincy or Churches
while remaining autonomous in regards to government, polity, operation, and discipline.
Les Ministères ERIC MICHEL Ministries


The Symposium of Christian Unitarian (Unitarian)
The Welcoming Progressive Baptist (Baptist)

Working as a
Interdenominational Christian Chaplaincy & Seminary
(Unitarian Baptist)
An Episcopal and Congressional Polity Organism
African Gospel Church: Evangelist P Xawuka, Siye Zulwini