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The Assembly of Churches denominations are:

  1. African United Methodist (Malawi)
  2. African Evangelist (Uganda)
  3. American Baptist
  4. Christian Gnostic and New Though
  5. Christian Unitarian
  6. Indian Pentecostal
  7. Nepali Pentecostal
  8. Universalist
EMMI Interdenominational or inter-denominational is a Christian ecumenical consortium
of fellowships who incorporate expressions stemming from several denominations,
from fundamentalist to very liberal theology and philosophy.

Declaring ourself interdenominational, churches or parachurch partners desire to
embrace people from many branches of Christianity, in respect and humility.

Interdenominational churches are often confused with interfaith churches, a huge
difference exists between these two kinds of congregations.

Christian denominations like Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc. are all part of the
same Christian faith. An interdenominational partnership of congregations of different
denominational backgrounds share in a common core of Christian doctrine.

We are a three continents network of churches partners and/or pastors helping with
the mission of strengthening Christian Mission by upholding standards of operation,
assuring integrity and cooperative resourcing to spread the gospel under an
Independent United Methodist Episcopal Organisation.